Planning Ahead

In just seven years, the average cost of a funeral has increased by an average of 61%

Save yourself and loved ones worry and hassle

Why Plan Ahead?

Most of us don’t want to think about our own deaths – it’s something that we may avoid thinking about for whatever reason. Pre-payment plans are a great way of preparing for your funeral in advance; it makes financial sense and gives you control over what you’d like and what you want.

Funerals can be expensive, there's no getting away from that and the fees are rising in excess of inflation, mainly as a result of increasing disbursement costs such as rising cremation and burial costs.


Plan for rising costs

In just seven years, the average cost of a funeral has increased by an average of 61% in the UK to stand at around £3,091 according to the Mintel Report released in September 2011. If this trend continues, the average cost of a funeral will have rocketed to almost £5,000 by 2018 and over £8,000 by 2025.

People are very keen to minimise their inheritance tax liabilities to ensure as much of their estate as possible goes to their families; a pre-payment funeral plan is one way of reducing the burden on loved ones left behind – one that people are not taking advantage of.

At G&M Goold, we and over 2000 similar independent family run funeral homes, offer Golden Charter Funeral Plans. We recommend Golden Charter, as we believe that they are the best funeral plans available. All monies are paid into the Golden Charter Trust, which is controlled in accordance with financial services regulations. ​

If you'd like to know more

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